The Great Debate: Single, Double, Triple, Quad?

Motocross Twitter has erupted in debate the last few days. Yes, I know it’s now called X, but Motocross X doesn’t have the same ring that Motocross Twitter does. So we are calling it Motocross Twitter. Anyway, if you’re too cool to use Twitter you are really missing out. Twitter is one of the few places where you can actually have a decent interaction with your favorite riders and basically anyone from the industry. Denny Stephenson, Zach Osborne, AC, RC, and everyone here at Vurb are all regulars on Motocross Twitter. 

As I said above, the last few days a debate has been taking place over what is considered a double, triple, or quad if a tabletop is involved. I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you have a tabletop followed by two “singles”. If you were to jump just the tabletop, is that a double? If you jump the tabletop to the first single, is that a triple? If you jump the tabletop to the second single, is that a quad? Or, is jumping the table top a single jump and when you jump the table to the first single, is that a double? 

Honestly, I never thought such a simple debate would be so heated, but people are losing their minds. Everyone from RC to Kevin Kelly have weighed in and pretty much every single person has a different opinion. Personally, I would never say that I doubled a table. But if someone were to jump a table to a single, I would consider that a triple and if they jumped a table over two singles, I would consider that a quad. 

So what do you think? If you jump a tabletop to a single, is it a double or a triple? 

  • What You Say?

    • Double
    • Triple
    • I Don’t Care, Stew Would Do It

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