Malcolm Stewart Talks Huge Anaheim 1 Crash

I’ll be honest, doggies. At one point in the 450 main event at Anaheim 1, I thought Malcolm Stewart was going to grab his first career win.

Malcolm led four laps in the main event, the crowd was going nuts. However, it soon became apparent that Chase Sexton was catching Stewart.

Sexton eventually threw a block pass on Stewart in a 180-degree left-hander that bumped Stewart off the track. Mookie didn’t lose a ton of time, but he did lose the lead. Still, he was in the mix for a podium when he suffered a huge crash in a rhythm lane later in the race with just three laps to go.

After the race, Stewart confirmed he is fine and will be ready for round 2 in Oakland this weekend.

“The day started out pretty slow. I didn’t really ride that well in practice and the track was pretty tough, but I got to a point where I was like, ‘You know what? I just need to turn this dayaround,’ because I felt like I work too hard to get to this point,” Stewart said. “I  got a decent start in the main event, and just did the best I could. I started riding, clicking off laps, making some good passes, and smart choices. I was leading the main for a while, which was amazing. I don’t think I’ve done that in my whole entire career. Just having all that pressure and dealing with it, if anything brings confidence to me because I know where I belong. I’m very proud of myself. Unfortunately, we did have a crash with three laps to go. It was a big crash for sure. I’m glad that I’m healthy and walked away from it, so we live to fight another day and I’m more proud of myself because of how my day was going and me turning it around and going like that, and doing what I’m supposed to do just brings more confidence for me. I’m looking forward to Oakland.”

Main image: Husqvarna

Written by Slaw Dog

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