It’s Great to be Slay

If you could go back and redo your life what would you do differently? Wow, we are going deep on this article, aren’t we? Nah, we really keep it light around here. What would Troy Dog do? Thanks for finally asking about me you narcissist.

My redo is easy. I’d simply decide to grow up in Southern California, I’d have my family work for (or own) a successful energy drink company, and I’d have so much free riding talent that even your mom would be into me. Yep, life would be so gucci in this scenario. 

Wait a minute… did you just say that someone ACTUALLY lives this life? Yes, his name is Axell Hodges, which is a dope ass name to begin with, but his stage name is Slay, which is the coolest nickname ever invented. 

You know him, you follow him, and you envy him.

Slay did the whole amateur national grind years ago and realized he did not have to do supercross or motocross to make money. He decided to post some Instabangers and became a public figure… err an influencer. We can all pretend he was an overnight success, but it was really his C class title at Loretta Lynn’s that catapulted him into stardom. 

These days you can find Slay doing X Games events, one off stunts, and slaying the gram with the Yewww crew. I do not know what Yewww means, but I think it is a secret word to get into the Monster parties. I would not know because I am not cool enough to get invited… yet. 

Oh yeah, he does have a girlfriend. I am not one to talk about other people’s girlfriends, but chances are that if you follow Axell then you follow his girl too. I picture that Slay has that Rick Flair mentality with the women. You know how it goes? “Ladies, remember you may not be the first, but you can always be next.” *Slaps Shoulders* “Woo…woo.”

Think about a life that you could wake up one day and say, “Holy shit, I should race a GNCC,” and then you announce it and grown men all over the world moisten their loins. That my friends is some power. That is exactly what Slay did over the weekend at the Ironman GNCC. On top of that he finished second in the industry class to Heath Harrison. I think several people owe him a case of White Claw for finishing the race. It was a very impressive display of riding. The Instagram clips showed him ripping past riders left and right on a tight course. He did not look tired at all and I am jealous of the skills he displayed. Maybe a full-time gig in GNCC Racing is in the future for Slay Dog? Nah, who am I kidding. Let’s just stick to posting your ten second clips and get that paper, bro. Let’s do that instead. 

Slay has his own replica Bell Helmet, his own personal Seven brand gear, and his own merchandise line. Although it is not Vurb merch (or Troy Dog clothing. Coming soon Chili Dog?) we will admit that it is still cool. 

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, Axell Hodges is sick nasty on a dirtbike and methinks he should start racing some outdoor and supercross races in the future. He probably had more fans show up to his rig this past weekend than Jason Lawrence’s championship party in 2008.

So, if you’re ever throwing yourself a pity party just remember you’re just money, talent, hot chick, and merch away from being Axell Hodges. I am a 30-year-old man, but I want to be like Slay when I grow up. 

Written by Troy Dog

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