Clueless: High Point

Given the state of play, my plan was to watch as much as High Point, until it got boring. 250 moto 1 was good, so I stuck with that, and the 450 moto 2 was going as expected so I started skipping through and just as I did… boom… Jett crashes. Needless to say, I watched all four motos and thoroughly enjoyed them. Weird.

– Where were the reports of the biblical rain for High Point?

– Why the Stewart / Carmichael battles were so good…

– Stewart liked to lead, RC liked to follow

– Who wants to persuade Roczen’s kid to persuade his dad to race every weekend?

– The commitment to these 450 awning shots during the 250 moto is admirable

– How does Jett get to ride a dry track, whilst everyone else is on a wet one?

– I promise I didn’t write that 10 minutes into the 450 race 1 and then skip through the race, before noticing Jett crashed….

– It’s funny how you can sit out a series, come back for a round, and be the most popular dude out there

– Ken didn’t seem to be holding that kickstart on the podium

– But that holeshot in moto 2…. Just makes you wonder what all the manufacturers have been doing the last seven (?) years

– So who wants to guess which team brought the red-cross-flag-jumping incident to the AMA’s attention?

Main image: Pro Motocross

Written by Coney Island Dog

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