CAKE Wants to Start an Electric One-Make Motocross Racing Series

Both Formula One and MotoGP already have electric racing series. Motocross does not, but that could change in 2021. 

CAKE, the Swedish electric off-road bike company, is looking to start an International series next year.

The CAKE Falk Race, available in white and black, will kick off the CAKE One Design series in 2021. In fact, an event has already taken place this year. Earlier this month, St. Tropez, France, hosted the first CAKE One Design Race. 

More from Jalopnik:

The Kalk Race takes the existing Kalk motorbike, which the company launched back a few years ago, and updates it with new hubs, wheels, and tires more appropriate for motocross racing, plus a higher front fender and fork guards. Cake seems confident that its 150-pound flyweight electric dirt bike is up to the rigors of motorsport. The bike’s top speed is just shy of 60 miles per hour, and the company says it can handle up to three hours of trail/enduro riding.

According to CAKE, the plan is to expand the ODR series around the world, following a similar path as the FIA Formula E series has, and achieve FIM approval. They hope to bring racing into city centers. 

No details on a schedule have been announced. 

Interested in racing? The bikes are said to be ready for delivery by March of 2021. A CAKE Kalk INK Race will cost you $10,500, and a CAKE Kalk OR Race will run $13,000.

Main image: CAKE

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