WP Suspension Announces Launch of WP XACT PRO 7543 Fork and XACT PRO 8946 Shock

WP Suspension North America, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the new WP XACT PRO 7543 Fork and XACT PRO 8946 Shock. This premium performance duo brings ‘pro motorsport’ technology to all 85 cc KTM, Husqvarna and GASGAS riders who feel the urge to score big time.

XACT PRO 7543 Fork
Peppered with the most advanced WP TECHNOLOGY, the WP XACT PRO 7543 Fork saves you precious seconds on the track. With the same technology as the big bikes, the fork and its WP CLOSED CARTRIDGE system get you confidently over hard sections with significantly less rider fatigue. With sensationally direct feedback and the constant damping performance offered by WP CONE VALVE Technology, the XACT PRO 7543 Fork is the secret weapon against loss of damping.

Constant damping performance due to CLOSED CARTRIDGE Technology

No loss of damping and improved feedback with CONE VALVE Technology

Reduced manufacturing tolerances leading to reduced service needs

Lightweight construction due to CNC-milled high-tech materials

Derived from years of experience in pro motorsports 

XACT PRO 8946 Shock
The WP XACT PRO 8946 Shock knows only one direction – straight to the podium. Equipped with the variable oil bypass valves of SUPERTRAX Technology, the rear wheel finds a firm grip on the ground even in the toughest sections of the track and drives your machine right to the finish-line. Thanks to the adjustable rebound speed, power is never lost and next-level control is ensured. The PROGRESSIVE DAMPING SYSTEM not only saves weight and improves handling but also provides predictable damping performance to eliminate the unexpected lap after lap.

Unique SUPERTRAX Technology as used in factory-supported race series.

More confidence in your ride and increased comfort due to predictable damping characteristics

Improved acceleration due to significantly increased rear-wheel grip and traction

More direct handling due to weight-reduced design and high-tech materials

Physical relief of the rider leads to reduced fatigue

High-quality, friction-optimized components reduce maintenance requirements

The XACT PRO 7543 and XACT PRO 8946 will be available from July 27 onward:



$ 2,499.00 USD Retail




$ 1,649.00 USD Retail

The XACT PRO COMPONENTS will be available for the following motorcycles:

KTM 85 SX from MY21
Husqvarna TC 85 from MY21
GASGAS MC 85 from MY21 

For more detailed information, visit your nearest WP AUTHORIZED CENTER or go to www.wp-suspension.com.

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