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Should you spend 100 hard earned bones on our most badass collection of motocross history? The answer is hell yes. Through the duration of 15 years of filming these titles we had to endure countless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and sleeping in dirty ass motorhomes with several other human bodies for months on end, not to mention we drained our savings accounts paying for some of the most rad soundtracks we could afford.

This packs includes:
2004 In the Ranks 2
2005 The Prospects
2009 EPIC (Original Collector’s Book version while supplies last)
2015 War Machines

To encourage you to break out your debit card, know that the supply on this collection is very low.  By our calculations, the window to obtain this full collection will be extremely limited.  We hope you still have a DVD player laying around!

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4-pack DVD Description

  • 2004 In the Ranks 2
  • 2005 The Prospects
  • 2009 EPIC
  • 2015 War Machines


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